Maren Adair

Posted on January 06th, 2013 in Vocalists

IMG_8959_2  Originally from Minnesota, Maren has spent most of her adult life as a professional performer. As an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, she sang around the Minneapolis area as well as performed at an amusement park during the summers.
In 2007 she left to work for Carnival Cruise Lines as a production singer, performing and traveling around the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. She moved to NYC in 2011 and almost simultaneously began working with the Sultans.
Maren and her husband, who is a saxophone player with the Sultans, were married this past October at her parents home on Lake Superior. Because they are both musicians, they knew how important live music would be at their own celebration and flew the Sultans to the cold Midwest. Friends and family were blown away by the talent of this group and are still talking about the “best band ever”!
Being that Maren was a recent bride herself, she understands the needs of the clients and the important role the band has in making any couple’s day a dream come true.